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Wanchain news and WAN prices and updates. Coverage of the smart contract platform, including its Proof of Stake transition and privacy technology.

wanchain soars ahead of staking rewards

Wanchain Soars As Network Prepares For Staking Rewards

Staking has finally come to Wanchain (WAN), and investors are getting excited. WAN prices more than doubled over the weekend as buyers began stockpiling...

Video: Can EOS Get Wanchain’s Party Started?

Kiana introduces the latest news from Wanchain, which is planning a new blockchain bridge to one of the biggest dApp systems.
wanchain integrates eth

Wanchain Will Integrate With EOS In Q2

The network hopes to bring networks together, to create a multi-platform ecosystem.
Cross blockchain interoperability

Uniting The Ledgers: Five Projects For Cross-Blockchain Compatibility

In today's blockchain industry, each blockchain project has unique a ecosystem of users, tokens and dApps. As a result, blockchain projects often operate in...
Wanchain is a universal blockchain adapter

Bitcoin Meets Ethereum: Wanchain Begins Blockchain Unification

Ever find the blockchain space a bit confusing? The ecosystem has gotten a little out of hand, with thousands of tokens on hundreds of...
What is Wanchain Introduction To WAN token and the Interoperability Blockchain

What Is Wanchain? Introduction To WAN Token

What Is Wanchain? Wanchain is a cross-chain blockchain infrastructure designed to facilitate asset transfers and host dApps for the financial industry. From investments to banking,...
Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC Aims To Bridge Ethereum and BTC

WBTC: Wrapped Bitcoin Project Aims To Bridge BTC And Ethereum

A gulf separates the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) networks. Although many investors hold both assets, they have so far been unable to use...

CryptoCurve To Fully Integrate With Aion And ICON

A project with ambitions to become the world's leading tools provider for front-end blockchain designers will fully integrate with the ICON (ICX) and Aion...
BlockMedx Signs Up For Skinned CryptoCurve Wallet

BlockMedx Signs Up For Skinned CryptoCurve Wallet

Blockchain pharma tech company BlockMedx has signed a deal with CryptoCurve to provide a wallet that plugs straight in to the BlockMedx system. "Partnering with...
Wanchain 3.0 offers 'Unlimited' Potential For BTC Payments On Ethereum

Wanchain 3.0: ‘Unlimited’ Potential For BTC Payments On Ethereum

Protocols, dApps, and services based off the Ethereum network could soon start working with Bitcoin following the testnet launch of Wanchain 3.0, the blockchain interoperability platform's latest...

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