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Waves news and WAVES price analysis and updates – reporting on the Waves platform and its wallet, DEX, and trading system.

Waves Platform Sails On Vostok Speculation

The WAVES coin is causing a splash, having advanced 85% in the last 30 days while its peers are just beginning to see daylight. Today the price is up another 15%, buoyed in part by the popular WAVES/USDT trading pair added on Huobi Global…


数字货币市场现在处在一个非常混沌的状态,而Waves(WAVES)代币则是在当局最为重要的代币。在发布新的移动钱包之后,其代币的价格在过去一周增加了一倍多。 在上周二,WAVES的市场价格仅约为每个代币0.96美元。但从那时起,Waves就一直处于近乎不间断的上升趋势;它于上周五收盘于1.20美元,而在本周初则达到了1.60美元。…

Waves Price Doubles With Mobile App Release

It's a mixed bag in the cryptocurrency markets. But Waves (WAVES) tokens are at the top of the table today. The token price has more than doubled in the past week, following the release of a new mobile wallet. The market price for WAVES…

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