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Zcash news and ZEC prices, with privacy coin updates and reporting, and news about Zcash mainstream adoption.

For Sale:, $100,000

There are still ways to make money in a bear market, if you know where to look. Some investors roll the dice on long-shot coins or renamed ICOs. Or, you could follow the steps of one serial investor: squat on domain name associated with a…

Video: Can Zcash Tech Deliver Real Adoption?

Zcash is breaking ground as the latest word in privacy-protecting technology, with big listings on some of the most coveted exchanges around. But can the team live up to their promises? Today's Video Briefing takes a closer look at Zcash,…

Coinbase Pro Lists Zcash Privacy Coin

Zcash (ZEC) will be the next coin to join Coinbase's list of featured virtual assets. It will be the first new cryptocurrency on Coinbase since Ethereum Classic (ETC) that doesn't run-off the Ethereum (ETH) network. The exchange…

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