Mathew Di Salvo

Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Mathew is a journalist and editor at Crypto Briefing who has been covering the crypto scene since late 2018. He is interested in privacy, crime, and how the technology can help emerging economies.
  • Launches Tax Product for Canadians

    Business has announced the launch of a free service that will make filing cryptocurrency taxes in Canada easier. Crypto Tax for Canadians According to the company, its new service “makes...

  • Superfarm Partners With Polygon on NFT Scalability


    Cross-chain DeFi protocol SuperFarm is integrating with Polygon to bring cryptocollectibles, or NFTs, to the masses.  NFTs: A Costly Business Superfarm will now make use of the Polygon network, allowing...

  • Wyoming One Step Closer to Passing Landmark DAO Law


    Wyoming lawmakers today came closer to putting a law into place that would grant company status to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).  At the Wyoming Legislature’s Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions...

  • John McAfee Indicted by Department of Justice


    Eccentric entrepreneur John McAfee is in more trouble with U.S. authorities over an alleged “pump and dump” scheme and ICO. McAfee Charged With Fraud McAfee has been indicted on charges...

  • Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks Will Accept Dogecoin


    NBA pro basketball team The Dallas Mavericks will soon accept Dogecoin as payment, according to DealBook. Jumping on the Doge-Wagon Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban, who in January jumped on...

  • Ethereum Now Offered on Amazon Managed Blockchain


    Amazon has announced that Ethereum is now available via its blockchain service, Amazon Managed Blockchain. The announcement means that users of the cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) can...

  • Compound’s B.Protocol Fixes Undercollateralized Loans


    Compound Finance’s long-awaited liquidity backstop, B.Protocol, has gone live, as announced in a Medium blog post. Undercollateralized Loans Compound Finance allows users to borrow and lend cryptocurrency. The project’s total...

  • Goldman Sachs Cashes in, Re-Opens Bitcoin Trading Desk


    Goldman Sachs has restarted its crypto trading desk, specifically Bitcoin futures, Reuters reported today.  Goldman Re-Opens Bitcoin Shop One of the world’s largest investment banks, Goldman Sachs, first launched a...

  • Compound Will Support New Assets Via Parity Substrate


    DeFi protocol Compound Finance announced today that it is developing a blockchain called “Gateway,” which will make use of Parity’s Substrate platform to add support for new assets. Support for...

  • China’s Inner Mongolia Cracks Down on Bitcoin Mining


    China’s Inner Mongolia region will suspend Bitcoin mining before the end of April, according to the government’s new energy saving plan. Inner Mongolia to End Mining China is currently the...