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Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen looked to the stars as a child and dreamed of going one day. After starting his career as an aerospace engineer, he found an alternate path there through cryptocurrency. He currently works as a data scientist which supports his abilities to dissect whitepapers and stalk developers through GitHub. In addition he possesses many other skills and interests equally unattractive to women.
  • Shih Tzu Coin Revolutionay Proof of Ownership Protocol POOP SHT Coin 2

    Radical Proof of Ownership Protocol Ignites Crypto World

    A team from Pekingese University claims to have created a solution to traditional blockchain consensus issues.


  • ChainLink LINK ICO Token Progress Report

    ChainLink (LINK) Token Progress Report

    ChainLink is a natural evolution in the world of smart contracts.  Their oracle technology is widely-considered sound, and their SWIFT partnership could be a kingmaker.


  • Electroneum ETN Token Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

    Electroneum (ETN) Token Progress Report

    Electroneum (ETN) aims to take cryptocurrency to the masses - to make crypto easy to trade, easy to transact, and even easy to mine (sort of).


  • Raiden Progress Report (RDN Token Update)

    Raiden Progress Report (RDN Token)

    Now for a report on Raiden progress.


  • Loopring Token Progress Report - LRC airdrop details

    Loopring (LRC) Token Progress & Airdrop

    Loopring (LRC) is a project that continues in development and that seems to have an exciting future - once again, an airdrop is fairly imminent so we'd like to keep Crypto Briefing readers up-to-date on how to be eligible for the free coins, and what to look for as the project evolves.


  • Ontology Network (ONT) Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

    Ontology Network And A “Free ICO”

    The Ontology Network (ON) project, despite being extremely interesting, may have slipped through the cracks and missed significant attention due to lack of a conventional ICO.