Priyeshu Garg

New Delhi, India

Priyeshu Garg

New Delhi, India
Priyeshu is a software engineer who is passionate about machine learning and blockchain technology. He built his first digital marketing startup as a teenager and worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He's an alumni from mass-transit app Ola and holds a degree in computer science engineering.
  • Ethereum Gets Privacy-Focused Layer-2 Scaling Solution with Aztec 2.0


    Aztec has announced the launch of a new scaling solution for the Ethereum network—Aztec 2.0. The startup, which focuses on privacy solutions for Ethereum, said the new version would utilize...

  • Zilliqa Launches First DEX Built by Switcheo


    Zilliqa joins the DeFi bandwagon, commissioning Switcheo to launch a DEX on top of its blockchain. The decentralized exchange will offer an automated market maker and liquidity system similar to Uniswap....

  • Ethereum Fees Spike After Uniswap’s UNI Token Launch


    After announcing the launch of its new governance token, Uniswap became the most valuable DeFi project within hours. The decentralized exchange launched its token last night, catching the entire DeFi...

  • UMA Protocol’s New “Yield Dollar” Raises Security Concerns for Bitcoin in DeFi


    DeFi platform, UMA Protocol, has recently launched a “Yield Dollar” alongside a three-asset yield farming incentive. Unfortunately, the company providing the synthetic BTC has yet to distribute control of the...

  • Tether Will Reduce Ethereum Congestion with ZK-Rollups


    Tether, the largest stablecoin issuer in the world, is planning to add support for ZK-Rollups, a Layer-2 solution that would reduce the pressure on the Ethereum network.  ZK-Rollups Coming to...

  • Scam Accusations, Copycat YFI Cryptocurrency Offers 18% Weekly ROI


    A fork of YFI, YFII token, has popped up on the crypto market this week, offering a weekly ROI of over 15% on yCRV staking with a 788% APY. While...

  • Synthetix Dissolves Foundation, Decentralizes into 3 DAOs


    Synthetix, a leading project in the DeFi space, announced today the end of a six-month process of reducing the Foundation’s role—from now on, the project will be under the control...

  • DeFi Exchange Uniswap Is Being Swarmed With Scam Tokens


    Scam tokens impersonating legitimate DeFi projects have been running rampant on Uniswap, as the decentralized exchange (DEX) allows users to essentially import any token by pasting its address into Uniswap’s...

  • Bitcoin Wallets were Letting People Get Scammed with Faulty Balances


    A bug in three major cryptocurrency wallets let scammers dupe people with double-spent Bitcoin, allowing unconfirmed transactions to count in a user’s total wallet balance. Unreliable Bitcoin Wallet Balances The...

  • Crowdfunding Investment Platform Republic Announces Profit Sharing Token


    Republic, a tech startup crowdfunding platform, has announced that it will issue a profit sharing token next month. The token, called Republic Note, will be issued on the Algorand blockchain...