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Crypto trading is a complicated discipline that can be considered more art than science. It requires strong discipline, analysis skills and above all, information.

Receiving timely and relevant price news on digital assets becomes crucial. Why is it rising? Why is it falling? For how long will this market last?

At Crypto Briefing our goal is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets, so that you can include us as part of your own research on crypto trading. As always, read the disclaimers carefully.

ADA price analysis May 23

Cardano Price Analysis ADA / USD: Changing Orbits

Cardano has a bullish short-term trading bias, with the cryptocurrency still holding above its 200-period moving average The medium-term prospects for the ADA...
Matic Price Analysis MATIC USD Pumped Up, Not Dumped On

Matic Price Analysis MATIC / USD: Pumped Up, Not Dumped On

Matic Network has a bullish short-term trading bias and continues to advance above its 50-period moving average on the four-hour time frame The...
Binance coin price analysis May 22

Binance Coin Price Analysis BNB / USD: Higher Highs

Binance Coin has a bullish short-term bias, with the cryptocurrency continuing to make higher highs The BNB / USD pair has an increasingly...
Zilliqa price analysis may 22

Zilliqa Price Analysis ZIL / USD: Jumping Above The Average

Zilliqa has a bullish short-term bias, with the cryptocurrency advancing to a new monthly trading high The ZIL / USD pair has a...
what to expect from chainlink mainnet launch

ChainLink Mainnet Launch In Nine Days: LINK Investment Analysis

The ChainLink (LINK) mainnet is launching on May 30th. Using our previous mainnet analysis, we can examine the trading patterns that have characterized similar...
Bittorrent price analysis May 21

BitTorrent Price Analysis BTT / USD: Smoking Hopium

BitTorrent has a bullish short-term outlook, with the BTT / USD pair trading at its highest level since February 2019 The BTT /...
Holochain price analysis

Holo Price Analysis HOT / USD: Breaking Out

Holochain has a strong bullish short-term outlook, with the cryptocurrency moving to a new all-time high The HOT / USD pair has an...
Ethereum price analysis May 21

Ethereum Price Analysis ETH / USD: Preparing For Eruption

Ethereum has a bullish short-term trading bias, with the ETH / USD pair recovering higher after a brief technical pullback The ETH /...
5 altcoins likely to fall against Bitcoin

These Five Altcoins Are Outrunning BTC: History Suggests They Can’t Run Forever

Bitcoin prices have settled to $7850, according to BitMEX, forming what some describe as a “bart” pattern over the course of the last week. ...
Bitcoin Gold Price Analysis May 20

Bitcoin Gold Price Analysis BTG / USD: Oncoming Debasement

Bitcoin Gold has a bullish short-term bias, with the BTG / USD pair trading above the 200-period moving average The BTG / USD...

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