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Crypto trading is a complicated discipline that can be considered more art than science. It requires strong discipline, analysis skills and above all, information.

Receiving timely and relevant price news on digital assets becomes crucial. Why is it rising? Why is it falling? For how long will this market last?

At Crypto Briefing our goal is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets, so that you can include us as part of your own research on crypto trading. As always, read the disclaimers carefully.

Cryptoasset market development in Asia

Responsible Cryptomarket Development In Asia

The cryptoasset market will, by design or default, soon enter into the next phase of development. From record highs at the start of the...
Bitcoin buy-ins create boomerang effect on BTC price

Bitcoin Buy-Ins Create $15bn Boomerang For Crypto

The green on the CoinMarketCap screen will be a welcome sign for the crypto community, latterly demoralized by double-digit dips. The market is boomeranging today with...
KNC coin surges as Kyber Network keeps its promises on decentralized exchanges

KNC Coin Surges As Kyber Network Keeps Its Promises

The KNC coin, native to the Kyber network, experienced a strong surge in value today. Starting the day at around $0.44 the KNC price suddenly...
Christmas Crash was no surprise

Christmas Crash Was No Surprise

The crypto market is down again, scuppering hopes for an end of the year reprieve. Although the Christmas crash caught many off guard, the...
Pundi X seems to have found the bottom of its price, but can it get back on the surface?

PundiX / USD Technical Analysis: Possible Bullish Breakout

PundiX / USD is showing signs that a long-term price floor may be in place. NPXS / USD bulls need to force a...
Zcash is finding new support after developments from Bitmain and Binance.

Zcash / USD Technical Analysis: Finding New Support

ZEC / USD Technical Analysis - Zcash is stabilizing after it escaped the descending channel due to fundamental news.
Nem's price has received a brief respite, but the longer term outlook is still negative

NEM / USD Technical Analysis: Opposing Timeframes

NEM is bullish in the short-term with a strong upside move currently underway The four-hour time frame shows a bullish inverted head and...
Constantinople Ethereum Update Could Ignite Istan-Bull Run and Drive ETH Price Higher

Constantinople Ethereum Update Could Ignite Istan-Bull Run

News that the new Ethereum (ETH) system update would go to testnet at the beginning of October caused a slight recovery for the Ether...

Happy Ending? TenX Surges After Hosp Steps Down

TenX (PAY) made a surprise surge in end of the week trading, reversing the deep decline which began last December. At the end of Tuesday,...
Kiana Danial Video Crypto Briefing 11222018video

Litecoin Price Analysis And Ripple SEC Strategy: Video

Today Kiana takes a look at Litecoin - the cryptocurrency that seems to have gone into hiding during the recent bear market. Even the...

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