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Crypto trading is a complicated discipline that can be considered more art than science. It requires strong discipline, analysis skills and above all, information.

Receiving timely and relevant price news on digital assets becomes crucial. Why is it rising? Why is it falling? For how long will this market last?

At Crypto Briefing our goal is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets, so that you can include us as part of your own research on crypto trading. As always, read the disclaimers carefully.

Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange acquired by Goldman Sachs backed Circle

Poloniex Acquired By Goldman Sachs-Backed Circle

Circle, a peer-to-peer payments company backed by investors like Goldman Sachs and Baidu Inc. has acquired the popular U.S cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. As one...
Aelf Price Shoots Up On News Of Cuddly Toy

Cuddly Toy Gives Aelf Price A $60m Hug

The prospect of winning a cuddly toy gave the aelf price (ELF) a strong surge in trading earlier this morning - and who says...
Ontology is rising and the momentum keeps going.

Ontology / USD Technical Analysis: Room For Improvement

Ontology has turned bullish in the short-term and is close to negating a bearish head and shoulder pattern ONT / USD remains bearish...
Joe Crypto Here We Go Again I Need A Drink

Joe Crypto: Here We Go Again And I Need A Drink

Well it’s another miserable start to the week, but we’re starting to learn our lessons. We’re not going to cry and ask why this...
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH USD Disaster Avoided

Ethereum Price Analysis ETH / USD: Crisis Averted, $500 Target

Ethereum has a bullish short-term trading bias, with the ETH / USD pair testing towards key upside resistance The four-hour time frame continues...
Bithumb Listings Gives Tron TRX Holders Two Thumbs Up

Bithumb Gives Tron Holders 1.2 Billion Thumbs-Up

Just as Ripple is being excoriated for offering large payments to exchanges to list their coin, Tron (TRX) illustrated the value of a listing...
Bitcoin had a major surge which reversed its technical indicators.

Bitcoin / USD Technical Analysis: New Direction

Bitcoin has a strong short-term bullish bias after soaring to a fresh 2019 trading high The BTC / USD pair has turned bullish...
Dogecoin soars to new heights following an important announcement

Dogecoin / USD Technical Analysis: Jumping To New Highs

Dogecoin is bullish in the short-term, with the cryptocurrency surging to a fresh 2019 trading high DOGE / USD has a neutral medium-term...
Litecoin price death spiral illustrates pointlessness of LTC silver

Litecoin Price Death Spiral Illustrates Pointlessness of LTC

A few months ago, this publication covered a story on Litecoin's founder, Charlie Lee, who had predicted LTC would become the fourth largest cryptocurrency...
Cardano has a tough road ahead, making small gains that can still reverse into a bearish pattern.

Cardano / USD Technical Analysis: Light Steps Ahead

Cardano is starting to turn bullish in the short-term with indicators turning higher on the four-hour time frame Cautious approach is warranted as...

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