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Crypto trading is a complicated discipline that can be considered more art than science. It requires strong discipline, analysis skills and above all, information.

Receiving timely and relevant price news on digital assets becomes crucial. Why is it rising? Why is it falling? For how long will this market last?

At Crypto Briefing our goal is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets, so that you can include us as part of your own research on crypto trading. As always, read the disclaimers carefully.

Decentralized Goldman Sachs - How Intellos Intends To Create Profitable ETFs For Everyone

Decentralized Goldman Sachs: ETFs For All, Argues Intellos

Financial trading has largely become automated over the last ten years; most trades are now performed by algorithms, or 'bots'. They are advantageous because they're...
7 incredible deals on crypto available right now

Best Bang for your Bit: 7 Incredible Crypto Deals Right Now

It’s bear season, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop buying. Sure, you might spend all your time scrounging through recycling bins and...
Coinvest SEC compliant STO

Coinvest Distributes Tokens In SEC Compliant STO

An SEC-compliant Security Token Offering has successfully distributed its tokens to investors. Issued on the Republic Crypto platform, the company Coinvest (COIN) hopes it will be an...
Crypto Market Cap Shows Jittery Progress

Crypto Market Cap Shows Jittery Progress

The market has dipped in the past 24 hours after soaring for the skies on the 29th, but don't panic just yet as this...

Tether’s New Bank Partner Reveals USDT Reserves

Tether (USDT) has unveiled a relationship with a Bahamian bank that it says has reviewed the company regularly over the last few months. Tether...
Why Are XRP and XLM Outperforming The Rest Of The Market.

Why Are XRP and XLM Outperforming The Rest Of The Market?

Two interesting developments have slipped past the sector this week. Although crypto bathed in a sea of red, the remittance and settlement tokens -...
Full Steem Ahead - Steemit Coin On The Right Track

Full Steem Ahead – Steemit Token On Track

Social media token Steem is heating up in anticipation of the Hivemind protocol, which is expected to enable community functionality on the Steemit platform. An...
Crypto Derivatives and ETF approval - Full Market At Least A Year Away in 2019 Says Strajnar

Crypto Derivatives: Full Market At Least A Year Away, Says Strajnar

News that Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley was planning to offer Bitcoin swap trading for its clients helped resuscitate the market last week. Crypto's...
NEX Lottery open for NEON Exchange

NEX Lottery Open For 25,000 Investors

The NEX Lottery has opened, offering 25,000 investors an opportunity to procure their share of one of the most highly-anticipated ICOs of the year. The...

Bitcoin Cash Fork Whets Investor Appetites

Hard forks are tense times for any protocol. Blockchain updates need to be implemented seamlessly and harmoniously. Not all work, but the upcoming Bitcoin...

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