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Crypto trading is a complicated discipline that can be considered more art than science. It requires strong discipline, analysis skills and above all, information.

Receiving timely and relevant price news on digital assets becomes crucial. Why is it rising? Why is it falling? For how long will this market last?

At Crypto Briefing our goal is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets, so that you can include us as part of your own research on crypto trading. As always, read the disclaimers carefully.

Litecoin Price Analysis LTC USD No Shame In Record Breaking Second

LTC / USD Price Analysis: No Shame In Record-Breaking Second Place

Litecoin, often described as the 'silver to Bitcoin's gold', has a bullish short-term trading bias, with the cryptocurrency testing back towards the best...
Dan Larimer wants to leave EOS for another crypto

EOS Jilted: Larimer Wants To Date Other Cryptos

Repeat after me: Daniel Larimer is not abandoning EOSIO or Block.one. Right, investors didn't buy it either, with the price of the once rock-star cryptocurrency...
Horizen price analyis May 6

ZEN / BTC Price Analysis: Arising

Horizen has a bullish short-term bias against BTC, with the ZEN / BTC pair correcting back towards the April monthly trading high ZEN...
NEM Price Analysis XEM USD Stretched Bullish Breakout

NEM Price Analysis XEM / USD: Stretched Bullish Breakout

NEM has a bullish short-term trading bias, with the cryptocurrency advancing to a new 2019 trading high The XEM / USD pair has...
what to expect from chainlink mainnet launch

ChainLink Mainnet Launch In Nine Days: LINK Investment Analysis

The ChainLink (LINK) mainnet is launching on May 30th. Using our previous mainnet analysis, we can examine the trading patterns that have characterized similar...
LTC Price analysis April 29

LTC / USD Price Analysis: Bearish Retrace

LTC has a bearish short-term trading bias, with the cryptocurrency testing back towards its 200-period moving average The LTC / USD pair is...
Crypto Divergence Improves As Investors Do Their Homework

Crypto Divergence Improves As Investors Do Their Homework

The era of a correlated crypto market might be coming to an end as the market shows signs of increasing diversification. Analysts suggest crypto divergence...
Crypto Coin Bundle Why Are Basket Products Important

Crypto Coin Bundles: Why Are Basket Products Important?

Experienced cryptocurrency traders spend their days swapping in and out of multiple positions. When one coin's value drops, one strategy is to move into a...
QuarkChain Price Explodes As QKC Token Hits Exchanges

QuarkChain Price Explodes 1200% On Exchange Listings

Pandemonium struck at the beginning of the week as a string of exchanges announced a listing for the QKC token early on Monday morning,...
7 incredible deals on crypto available right now

Best Bang for your Bit: 7 Incredible Crypto Deals Right Now

It’s bear season, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop buying. Sure, you might spend all your time scrounging through recycling bins and...

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