SIMETRI Profits of 919%
SIMETRI Profits of 919%


Blockchain In the Automotive Sector: Who’s Driving Adoption?

Bblockchain tech is rapidly gaining ground in the automotive sector. Thanks to its practically limitless applications, auto companies have been using the blockchain to handle data and transactions, to integrate...

Talk Is Cheap But Isn’t: Block.One Pays ‘World Record’ For Domain

The latest news from EOS’s new foray into social networking is that Block.One paid $30 million for the domain name. Although the transaction went through at the end of...

Will Facebook’s Libra Force Amazon To Issue A Cryptocurrency?

On Tuesday, June 18th, Facebook announced Libra, its highly-anticipated cryptocurrency. This event raises a pressing question: will other companies in the tech sector follow suit? Although Amazon and Facebook may...

Emerging Economies Are Our Target Market: Nano Founder Colin LeMahieu

While challengers face an established financial system controlled by a tight-knit cabal of tech and banking interests in the developed world, emerging economies may prove to be the fertile ground...

Blockchain Company Dispatch Labs “On Life Support” After Burning Almost $13M

A bear market casts a long shadow. Crypto’s total value may have doubled since December, but it turns out that some companies in the space are still reeling from the...

What Is GSENetwork? Introduction to GSE Token

What Is GSENetwork? The GSENetwork is a decentralized trust network that tokenizes and tracks user interactions with smart devices on the blockchain. Trust is built by interacting with IoT, the...

Black Canvas: Swiss Telecom Giant Brings Blockchain Art Direct To TV

The emergence of a buzzing crypto tech startup scene around Zug’s Crypto Valley has given unusual blockchain projects the impetus to take big ideas to the market. As an example:...

How Facebook’s GlobalCoin Will Probably Ruin Everything Good About Crypto

Facebook is finally admitting that they are pursuing the implementation of a digital currency dubbed “GlobalCoin”. If you’re familiar with Facebook (you have heard of Facebook, right?), you probably know...