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Cryptocurrencies and music, covering the blockchain’s ability to help an artist retain control of his or her rights.

Music Festival Adopts Crypto Payments

Over a thousand people used cryptocurrencies for the first time at a music festival earlier this month. At the I Land Sound Music Festival, an annual electronic jamboree on Estonia’s Illiku Islet, Dash was used for the first time as the…

Blockchain Makes The Right Noises For Music Biz

It’s official – music streaming is this generation’s vinyl. The International Federation of the phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced that, for the first time ever, streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have become the biggest…

Björk To The Future – Utopia Awaits

Björk May Start Trend By Melding Music With Cryptocurrency Never one to shy away from innovation, Icelandic Love-Her-Or-Hate-Her artist Björk has announced that each person who buys her upcoming album, Utopia, will receive a bonus in the…

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