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Nano news and NANO prices and trading, reporting on the digital currency and its zero-fee transaction development.

NANO Cryptocurrency Passes Security Audit

An independent security review has found “no critical vulnerabilities” in the node software for the Nano cryptocurrency. Red4Sec, a cybersecurity firm, was enlisted by the Nano Foundation to conduct a thorough audit of currency's…

Nano Investor Abandons Lawsuit

An attempted class-action lawsuit against the creators of Nano has been dismissed with prejudice, after the lead plaintiff withdrew his complaint. Investor Alex Brola attempted to launch the suit against the cryptocurrency’s creators on…

NANO Launches Crypto Treasure Hunt in Londonn

NANO has launched a £5,000 cryptocurrency treasure hunt in London and you may take part. In fact, if the markets keep going this way, you may HAVE to take part. #RealCryptoHunt might be a PR stunt, but it's a cute one.LBX and @NANO…

Nano Pays Off: What’s Driving Price Up?

Within the past week, Nano (NANO) has seen an increased flurry of interest from both investors and crypto leaders alike.  In a recent Reddit thread, Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee, made his interest known to the Nano community. He had a…

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