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Philanthropy cryptocurrency news and blockchain developments related to charity, donations, and fundraising.

Charity Chiefs Reveal Power Of The Blockchain

On the International Day of Charity, a panel of leading experts revealed how the blockchain can help transform the sector and be a force for good. Public confidence in charities is at an all-time low thanks to a series of exposes that…

Binance Charity Arm Announces Malta Base

Binance's Blockchain Charity Foundation has established a base in Malta and will work with local NGOs to support good causes with its Decentralised Ledger Technology. A Memorandum of Understanding with The President's Trust is now in…

A $3M EarthDay Present For ImpactPPA

When you're four billion years old, you might prefer to just forget your Earth Day completely. But in a world plagued by ocean garbage patches, holes in the ozone layer, and facing a lengthy hot flash, a few million dollars toward an…

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