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News-Starved Cardano Hordes Spike ADA Price

A spike in the ADA price is nearly at an end. As a wave of enthusiasm following the first bit of Cardano news has begun to wane.ADA began to surge at just before midday yesterday. The market cap was nearly $150bn up by the beginning of…

Blockchain Law Society Launches in South Korea

The Blockchain Law Society launches in South Korea on August 24th with a clear mandate to create a proper regulatory framework for the blockchain and associated cryptocurrencies. A number of District Judges, lawyers and cryptocurrency…

Binance Sets Sights On South Korea

Following South Korea's moves to embrace the cryptocurrency market, crypto exchange giant Binance has announced plans to expand into one of the world's top markets for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).At the Blockchain Partners Summit in…

Loads of Hype and Super Happy South Koreans

Following its listing on the South Korean exchange Bithumb, the token for the crypto payment platform Monaco hit the top of the winners' charts, with a sharp price rise that saw the coin more than double in value.The massive price…

The North Korean FUD Missile Alert

Another day, another unhealthy dose of mainstream media FUD. This time, it's Vox Magazine - which will undoubtedly enjoy some brief notoriety in the crypto world as a result of an interview on North Korea with Priscilla Moriuchi, an ex-NSA…

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