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Cinnamon Spices Up Video Streaming With Ripple Tech

Ripple is already synonymous with blockchain-fueled cross-border payments, and now it’s about to disrupt content creation. Cinnamon, a new content platform built on Coil, is thanking Ripple for the upcoming...

IBM Didn’t Break Blockchain – It Took It to the Next Level

After a long week in Las Vegas, I finally headed home to reflect on all the new releases and information inundating CES. Press conferences, demonstrations, exhibit meetings, and so many...

Bandwagon Aims to Solve Ticket Fraud With The Blockchain

Each year $2.3 billion is spent on fake ticket sales, but a new software platform is taking the stage to eliminate ticket fraud, through the use of blockchain technology. Headquartered in...

TaTaTu: A $500M Startup Has Replaced Half Its Original Team

One of last year’s biggest ICOs has replaced at least half of its original staff.  TaTaTu (TTU), the third largest token sale on record, is in the midst of “changing the...

Litecoin Auditions For Hollywood Adoption

If you think you’ve been hearing more about Litecoin (LTC) in 2019, it’s not your imagination. Litecoin has managed to become one of the most compelling cryptocurrencies so far this...

Digital Publishing Giant Explores Stellar Payments

Everyone hates advertisements, but there aren’t a lot of ways to fund quality content. The only thing worse than ads are paywalls, which can be as annoying to publishers as...

Crypto TV Show Is Coming To Hollywood

Good news, everyone: mass adoption is just around the corner. Kevin Connolly, better known as Eric Murphy in HBO’s Entourage, has announced the development of a new TV show about...

Delta 2.0 Crypto App Introduces Personalized Newsfeeds

Delta is making it easier to check your portfolio on the go, with features that bundle news, prices and updates into a single mobile application. According to Opus Labs NV,...