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NEO news and price updates, together with analysis of NEP-5 tokens, DEX projects, and other NEO developments.

Happy Birthday NEO: The One Becomes Two

NEO celebrated its second anniversary today, signifying two years of stable operations since its mainnet launched. While most of us celebrate our birthdays with cake, presents and red envelopes, the Chinese-led crypto project is celebrating…

What Is NEO? Introduction To NEO / GAS

What Is NEO? NEO is a blockchain platform that has been called China’s answer to Ethereum. It provides a dual-layered blockchain developed by Onchain DNA which is suitable for creating distributed applications and token sales. Originally…

NEO: The Dark Horse

NEO, like Ethereum, is a complex ecosystem and is far more flexible than Bitcoin. While Ethereum and NEO share some similarities, such as the ability to execute smart contracts and unique programming languages, NEO is aiming to create what…

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