Rebecca Campbell


Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca is a freelance journalist who fell down the crypto and blockchain rabbit hole in 2016. She is particularly interested in how the technology is being applied and how crypto is aiding disenfranchised populations around the world. Previously living in London, Rebecca now resides in a sunny coastal town and is generally seen walking around while reading.
  • Bumble Bee Foods Uses Blockchain To Track Tuna


    The next time you eat a tune sandwich, think about where it's come from. You never know it may be one that's been tracked on the blockchain, particularly if it's yellowfin tuna.

  • Karma dApp on EOS: A Positively Thriving Community


    Karma: it’s only a five-letter word, but it packs a punch. As a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism, karma is the moral law of causation and means action, work, or deed. ...

  • Litecoin Advisor: Increasing Interest Could Signal Crypto Spring


    Increasing interest from institutional investors could signal that crypto winter is finally starting to thaw. That’s according to Jonha Richman, an advisor to the Litecoin Foundation, Tour de Crypto, and...

  • Hundred Proof: How Blockchain Can Fight Counterfeit Booze


    The market value of alcoholic drinks in the UK reached nearly £54 million in 2018. As a highly profitable industry, it is also very susceptible to counterfeit products. Figures from...

  • Bandwagon Aims to Solve Ticket Fraud With The Blockchain


    Each year $2.3 billion is spent on fake ticket sales, but a new software platform is taking the stage to eliminate ticket fraud, through the use of blockchain technology. Headquartered in...

  • Paxful To Build A Third Bitcoin School In Africa


    Ray Youssef has always dreamt of building schools, especially for those who need it the most. For him, Bitcoin for social good is a game changer. As the CEO of...

  • Blockchain Startup Hopes To Streamline Patent System


    Innovators filed 3.17 million patents in 2017, representing the eighth consecutive year of growth. In the same year, nearly 14 million patents were in force, according to the World Intellectual Property...

  • IBM Helps Blockchain Startup Improve Food Transparency


    Agriculture could be next in line for the blockchain, thanks to a new startup. Paris-based Connecting Food is one of 10 blockchain businesses to join IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator program, which is building...