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Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca is a freelance journalist who fell down the crypto and blockchain rabbit hole in 2016. She is particularly interested in how the technology is being applied and how crypto is aiding disenfranchised populations around the world. Previously living in London, Rebecca now resides in a sunny coastal town and is generally seen walking around while reading.
  • bumblebee could track tunafish on the blockchain

    Bumble Bee Foods Uses Blockchain To Track Tuna

    Bumble Bee Foods is using blockchain technology to track tuna from ocean to plate, allowing consumers to verify sustainable fishing practices.


  • Karma dApp on EOS blockchain proves good things come to those who beat the shit out of irritating Twitter personalities using only their harsh sarcasm and repartee wait no that's not right.

    Karma dApp on EOS: A Positively Thriving Community

    The Karma app on the EOS blockchain continues its rapid ascent up the Dapp Radar charts, proving good things come to those who post.


  • Litecoin Advisor: Increasing Interest Could Signal Crypto Spring

    Litecoin Advisor: Increasing Interest Could Signal Crypto Spring

    A Litecoin Foundation advisor has said that increasing interest from institutional investors could signal a transition to a crypto spring.


  • blockchain beer

    Hundred Proof: How Blockchain Can Fight Counterfeit Booze

    Three alcohol companies are turning their attention to the blockchain to track the provenance of their products from start to finish.


  • bandwagon

    Bandwagon Aims to Solve Ticket Fraud With The Blockchain

    Bandwagon is a new blockchain platform to improve the integrity of ticket sales, with the help of IBM's Blockchain Accelerator.


  • Paxful Bitcoin School

    Paxful To Build A Third Bitcoin School In Africa

    Paxful, a P2P Bitcoin marketplace, is changing the face of how people in Africa access finance and education.


  • blockchain patent

    Blockchain Startup Hopes To Streamline Patent System

    IPwe is building the world's first blockchain-based patent ecosystem for people to come together to transact, interact, and communicate.


  • Connecting Food

    IBM Helps Blockchain Startup Improve Food Transparency

    Paris-based Connecting Food is one of 10 blockchain businesses that has been selected to join IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator program.