Gerelyn Terzo

Gerelyn Terzo
Greater New York Area

Gerelyn Terzo

Greater New York Area
Gerelyn Terzo is a former writer at Crypto Briefing. She's a Wall Street veteran turned crypto journalist who, since first reporting on the blockchain space, has never looked back.
  • Litecoin sponsoring K-pop concert

    Litecoin Plays For K-Pop Fans

    You might not know this piece of history, but it took a boy band from South Korea to displace Justin Bieber as top social artist at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017. Mastermind marketer and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is now capitalizing on K-Pop fever, and the Litecoin Foundation is going where no leading crypto


  • Sofi Adds crypto to Fintech products

    SoFi To Add Crypto To Fintech Offerings

    Bitcoin prices might be sluggish, but signs of mass adoption are everywhere. Most recently, alternative lending startup SoFi has announced an expansion into cryptocurrencies. The San Francisco-based platform is partnering with the leading U.S. exchange and wallet provider, Coinbase, for the initiative. SoFi CEO Anthony Noto is cited in CNBC as saying: “Our target audience


  • Rong Chen: From Supercomputers To Decentralization

    Rong Chen: From Supercomputers To Decentralization

    Blockchain project Elastos is — borrowing from Winston Churchill — a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The key appears to be decentralizing the web, in whose creation the project’s founder had a hand.   Rong Chen, Elastos Chairman and Founder, took some time to discuss his journey to decentralization with Crypto Briefing, including the


  • Watch Out, Samsung: Electroneum And Pundi X Demo Blockchain Smartphones

    Watch Out, Samsung: Electroneum And Pundi X Demo Blockchain Smartphones

    MWC19 Barcelona, the former Mobile World Congress, isn’t just an event for mainstream OEMs such as Samsung. Electroneum used the spotlight as an opportunity to debut its new M1 smartphone, which is capable of easily “mining” ETN tokens. Not to be outdone, Pundi X was also in attendance, unveiling new features for the XPhone blockchain


  • US Authorities Recover 28 Bitcoins From Bitfinex Hack

    US Authorities Recover 28 Bitcoins From Bitfinex Hack

    Better late than never. Bitfinex, a major crypto exchange registered in the British Virgin Islands, has announced that U.S. authorities have recovered nearly 28 BTC from an August 2016 security breach and returned the funds to the exchange. The recovered funds will reportedly be spread across some 5,000 investors. That may be a drop in


  • Ripple spices up video streaming

    Cinnamon Spices Up Video Streaming With Ripple Tech

    Ripple is already synonymous with blockchain-fueled cross-border payments, and now it’s about to disrupt content creation. Cinnamon, a new content platform built on Coil, is thanking Ripple for the upcoming launch of a video streaming service. Cinnamon spices things up over YouTube by giving content viewers the chance to reward creators, through online micropayments. While


  • Lightning Network Twitter tippin

    Micropayments Crash Lightning Network Twitter Button

    The latest Lightning app is supposed to be about bolstering crypto adoption, by highlighting the simplicity of Bitcoin’s second-layer payments network. Instead, it brought attention to the fact that the infrastructure for decentralized micropayments still has a long way to go. is a recently-launched Chrome extension that allows users users to send satoshi-sized tips


  • Ethereum miners score unexpected payday

    Ethereum Miners Score Unexpected $400K Payday

    The crypto industry is abuzz about an extremely generous tip, left to Ethereum miners by an apparently high-rolling developer. Four transactions, all dated Feb. 19 and originating from the same wallet, spent 3,150 ETH in transaction fees. This amounts to approximately $467,000 for transactions whose combined value was less than $23.  The median gas price based