Will McCormick

Will McCormick

Will McCormick

Will McCormick is a professional journalist and creative writer from Boston, MA.
  • 5 Coins Gained More Than 25 Percent In Crypto Markets Today

    5 Coins Surged More Than 25% in the Last 24 Hours

    VeChain, Ontology, Lisk, and others all had huge gains in the cryptocurrency market over the last twenty-four hours.


  • Black Panther Inspired Wacoinda Token Delayed By Marvel Characters Request For Legal Extension

    Marvel Action Delays New ‘Black Panther’-Inspired Crypto Coin

    The launch of the new "Wacoinda" coin has been delayed, as Marvel Characters considers its options regarding trademark infringement.


  • Binance Academy hopes to bring blockchain knowledge and crypto information to the global community

    Binance Academy Launches to Improve Blockchain Education

    The Binance Academy was created to establish its place in blockchain and cryptocurrency education over the internet.


  • BuiltWithBitcoin Initiative is just one of many charitable projects designed to add more than monetary value to Bitcoin.

    Price vs Value: How BuiltWithBitcoin Makes A Positive Impact

    #BuiltWithBitcoin isn't the only cryprocurreny initiative to make a positive impact in the world - but to Rwandan students, it's a big deal.


  • Decentraland and other blockchain companies aim to decentralize the online gaming and esports industry

    Decentraland Invests $5 Million To Develop Decentralized Gaming

    Decentraland offering online games a unique opportunity to develop their own projects after buying virtual land.


  • Timicoin aims to return consumer trust to the DNA and genome market

    Protecting Health Data Against Genetic Research Companies

    TimiDNA is leading the charge to give people more control over their health data in the medical and healthcare industries.


  • Ledger adds Kowala - first stablecoin with kUSD and mUSD support for hardware wallets

    Ledger Chooses Kowala kUSD As First Stablecoin

    Here's everything you need to know regarding Ledger's decison to support Kowala - the crypto hardware wallet's first stablecoin asset.


  • Dubai Overhauls Legal System With Blockchain Court Project

    Dubai Becomes First Major City To Develop “Court of Blockchain”

    Here's how blockchain could impact your legal matters in the near future if Dubai is successful in creating the first "Court of Blockchain."