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Supply Chain

Supply chain cryptocurrency news and blockchain developments related to logistics, transportation, and counterfeiting.

Ring Signature? Diamonds Hit The Blockchain

The largest retailer of diamonds has joined a blockchain diamond tracking scheme which plans to use blockchain technology to follow the precious stones across the supply line.Announced on Thursday, Signet Jewellers, which with over…

Supply Chains Demand Blockchains

Supply chain management is a complex, cumbersome process. The current supply chain paradigm is slow, unwieldy, and highly centralized, with relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and customers facilitated by third parties…

Faux Fur Fury: Blockchain’s Simple Solution

"Faux Fur Fury" - a condition which sounds as though it might primarily affect elderly women and Italian designers - has its roots in a very real case in which “faux” fur turned out to be rabbit fur, and several others in which mink,…

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